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2016 drought response


CARE provided emergency relief in south-west Cambodia to address Cambodia's worst drought in decades. 


In early 2016 Cambodia experienced the effects of an El Niño event, which included significantly less rainfall patterns, warmer weather and delayed monsoon rains. This resulted in extreme water shortages across the country. 


An assessment conducted in April found that the effects of the drought included people lacking water for consumption, loss of livestock and increased challenges in growing or purchasing food. Respondents also had increased health concerns and some were taking out loans to pay for water to meet their basic needs.


In rersponse ot this, CARE joined partner People in Need to respond, providing water tanks, filters and fresh water to some of the most vulnerabale households in Koh Kong province.  The response will supported 30 villages across 6 districts, prioritisingparticularly vulnerable community members including child and female-headed households, pregnant or lactating women, elderly community members without support and people with a disability.  


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