Chat! Contraception

Chat! Contraception is CARE Cambodia’s innovative package of activities to empower women to take control of their lives and make healthier choices. Tailored specifically for garment and footwear factory workers, Chat! is reaching thousands of women in factories in Cambodia.

What is Chat! Contraception?

Chat! is a package of activities that reach women inside factories, where they spend most of their time:


    • Short, targeted activity-based sessions providing key information and building confidence on communication, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, and safe abortion.


    • Engaging dramas featuring characters in a fictional garment factory which allow workers to relate to real health challenges and decisions.


    • An interactive mobile quiz app which challenges workers to prove and improve their understanding.

    • Chat! builds systems within factories so that worker well-being is sustained in the long term.


Chat’s impact

Empowering women to prevent unplanned pregnancies has positive impacts on women, who can plan their families so they have a chance to thrive economically, as well as on their employer’s bottom line.

Impact on women

Chat! has:

  • Doubled use of modern contraception

  • More than doubled women’s use of health services

  • Tripled women’s confidence to negotiate contraceptive use and to refuse sex with partner

Impact on factories

Factory managers tell us Chat! has:


  • Increased productivity – with 6% more workers reaching productivity targets

  • Reduced absenteeism – with 24% leave without permission

  • Reduced turnover – with 7% less workers leaving voluntarily

Since November 2015, Chat! has reached over 25,000 workers in 35 factories through training, video screenings or the app. Many factories offered all three for maximum impact! 


Read more about the impact of Chat in this Learning Brief >


Who is Chat! for?

More and more garment factories are offering Chat! to their workers.


  • FACTORIES can contact CARE to offer Chat! in their workplace

  • BRANDS & RETAILERS can contact CARE to offer Chat! in their supply chain

  • WORKERS can sign up for the game and watch the videos independently online

  • PARTNERS & DONORS can fund Chat! in factories. We are also looking for partners to help adapt Chat! for other countries in the region. 


For more information, contact Julia D. Battle, Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Advisor, CARE Cambodia:

Download an overview of the full Chat! package

“I am now very confident in myself that in the future I can make my own decision about contraception.”


- Female garment worker, 23

“I had an unwanted pregnancy, so I terminated it with the Chinese pill. It was very painful and I had to go to the Health Center. After joining the Chat! training, I decided to use the pill to prevent this from happening again.” 

- Female garment worker, 28

Chat! Contraception was created by CARE Cambodia with funding from the Australian Government as part of Partnering to Save Lives. It is implemented in additional garment factories with the financial support of GlaxoSmithKline, Levis and VF Corp.


Chat! Contraception was one of the winners of CARE USA's Scale X Design Challenge, a competition aiming to identify CARE's most promising solutions and take them to scale.