A five-year impact of the Healthy Women, Healthy Workplace Project

Healthy Women, Health Workplace (HWHW) is the project implemented by CARE and funded by GSK to improve the sexual reproductive, maternal health (SRMH) and nutrition status of young, and urban factory workers.

CARE and GSK have been working in partnership since 2011 through the Frontline Health Worker Programme. Our partnership aims to improve the quantity and quality of frontline health workers and access to healthcare in the most remote and marginalized communities. To date, CARE has trained 32,000 frontline health workers across Asia and Africa, including Cambodia, supporting over 7.8 million people and leading to a significant uptake of skilled maternal and child health services.

At the heart of the Healthy Women, Healthy Workplace project is a key principle: that both health services and health-seeking behaviors must be part of the solution if worker well-being is to be improved in the long-term. Therefore, CARE is improving health facilities and training health workers, as well as building the knowledge and self-efficacy of workers to make healthy choices. Through this partnership, CARE also works with other key stakeholders, such as food and ringtone vendors near factories, who can influence worker behavior and impact their health. Finally, this work also aims to influence policy, contributing to the development and implementation of effective standards of care within and outside factories.

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A five-year impact of the Healthy Women,